Java for Mac OS

I’m using a tool called Hemingway for MAC OS that checks readability. I paste Scrivener docs in. After editing I then export to a .TXT file, which I then import back into Scrivener. Using .TXT I lose italics and other markup. Also, it inserts paragraph spacing.

I’d like to Export from Hemingway using Word format, but .DOC files don’t import. I get an error message to install JAVA. I was about to, then thought to inquire if there are any issues on using JAVA.

Also, if anyone else is using Hemingway, I’d like to hear their opinions of it. It’s rather cheap, but seems to do the job.

thanks, Neil

To check readability within Scrivener (on any selection), I use a macro included in the free Literary Toolbox palette from the Keyboard Maestro forum. It leaves your text alone while providing three readability indices (here I ran it on your query above from my browser):


I’m the developer so let me know if you have any questions. There’s a lot more in the toolbox, including grammar checking, emotion/opinion checking, spelling, thesauri, parts of speech, concordance, etc.

Thanks, but I found the Keyboard Maestro interface difficult. I’m a writer, not a coder.

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Scrivener certainly does import .doc files. (Scrivener manual §9.1.1) I don’t recall being prompted to install Java, but I have long since had it installed. I am no security expert, but I am not aware of ever having an issue with it. Of course, I also do not download mystery java programs from the wilds of the internet and run them.

  1. Why not just Copy and Paste back into Scriv? You don’t want to bring the Hemingway highlighting with you, but if you toggle to Hem’s writing mode, you get a clean view of your text and could copy from there.

  2. Hem exports to Markdown, and Scriv can import that. Maybe an alternate path for you?

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What version of Scrivener, and with what version of Mac OS?

Also, can Hemingway export RTF or DOCX format instead?

What version of Scrivener, and with what version of Mac OS?
Latest version of both.

Also, can Hemingway export RTF or DOCX format instead?
No to both.

I’ll try writing mode. Scrivener will import Markdown, but substitutes (for example) italics with underscores on either side.

Copying and pasting from Writing Mode seems to work the best. Thanks!

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Scrivener tries to import .doc, but the import fails. It wants .docx, and suggests it needs Java.

Thanks for the warning about mystery Java programs. That’s why I posted here.

It will mention Java if you try to import ODT or DOC files, as the alternative is to use the Mac’s native converter (which is fairly awful). Installing Java so that Scrivener can use its third-party conversion utility will greatly improve the quality of these documents, for export, compile and import.

We used to include a stripped down Java install in Scrivener, but when we finalised a native DOCX converter, seeing as how the vast majority only need that format, or RTF, it made sense trim down the installer download and have those that need to work in these formats install Java themselves.

So, if you have a way of avoiding those formats, and do not wish to install Java, that’s the best way to go!

In programs that open doc files, I think you can convert them to docx.

Sure, but that would be a multi step process. First open in word, then resave as docx.

That is exactly the scenario where installing Java would be the best option. If you lots of ancient DOC files, you might as well let Scrivener help you out and convert them all automatically, rather than having to go through and “Save As” over and over.