(Jaysen betrayed us and moved North)

Well, yeah. But I long ago realized the error of my ways. I have finally come to my senses and the family and I are FINALLY happy to announce that we are moving to St Helena Island, South Carolina. A little neighborhood known as “Lands End”.

Yes were are only a few hunderd (hundred to the noth’ners) feet from the water. Yes I’m building a bunk house to accommodate visitors. Yes I know where the liquor store is. Yes we’ve put of vic-k traps to protect visitors.

Let the games begin…

Y wanna be careful there, Numpt! That’s where Napoleon snuffed it. :open_mouth: If he can’t survive there, then no one can. :frowning:

You assume that we are all living…

Just a thought.

woot doggy that dog will hunt!

Good news. The bunk house sounds cool. Bout time you smartened up and mosied on back down here.

You can weld stuff and set things on fire and stuffs and plenty of places to lose that jeep in a swamp or bog.

The question is what instigated you heading south? Was it the frigid winter or the smell of shine?

Both. Plus a significant economic advantage of living in a place that needs my skill set, has taxes that are laughable (in comparison to NY) and finding the right, affordable house that is only 500ft from salt water.

This last year was terrible. Lots of issues that Dr suggested will only be worse with time and will aggravated by the cold more and more each year. Basically getting old sucks if you don’t take care of yourself.

But yeah. I keep my current job, pay and all, working 100% remote from my living room. Lots of decent prospects if I choose to meander to a new company. Decent weather year round. Quick access to a quite beach. Lots of “bubba” living all around. Hard to see the downside…

NY to SC is not exactly going North. If you’re trying to throw off vic-k,
Be warned: he’s a savvy geographer.

Here’s a buy in the area that about equals your NY taxes:

Hope you have a mild winter in 2015…2014 was not so great. :open_mouth:

Winters will be much milder. Even the evil winter they thought they had down there is more like spring here (it is just breaking 50 today).

We bought this place google.com/maps/place/1191+ … 8ff1d25ff9

Small for empty nesters. Near the water for temp buffer. Quiet but not isolated. Perfect for the old curmudgeon.

Did I mention fishing?

Don’t say y’s ‘aven’t been warned!!
Vic, Ange

Did you remember hurricanes?

Yeah. Less frequent than ice storms in NY. And the area we are in seems to be in a “sweet spot” between the main hurricane lanes. Flooding hasn’t been an issue either.

Did I mention the fishing?

Why are you fishing for an answer to that?


Mr X

Way cool! Here’s hoping the hurricanes are mild. Or are you up high enough that it’s not an issue?

I hope the weather will be kind and your health supreme as you breathe the salt air while you login to work from the dock as you drop a line…

Hmm, tempting - especially given the vic-k traps. How do they like Australians round there? I suspect that I might be from too far south though.

BBQ is good, if a bit mustardy. Still, only a short trip to NC where they do it properly.

Hmm, tempting - especially given the vic-k traps. .[/quote]
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We are on the lee side for hurricanes, but not at much elevation. The house is a converted military (marine) officers quarters from Paris Island (was floated across the sound) and, to quote the inspector, “the only thing moving this beast is a wrecking ball”. Floods would be the biggest concern, but we are not on a fresh water outlet so we won’t have runoff issues. Storm surge is the real threat, but last recorded surge that came to our place was 1920 something. This house is newer, but… Fingers crossed and insurance paid.

vic-k traps may be to prevent leaving the premises, not to prevent access. Just a thought.

BBQ for seafood? Piggy, I think you may mistake the food options. But yeah, the one place I stopped was a little vinegar heavy. I have my own BBQ that I make so not much of an issues for me :stuck_out_tongue:

nom, tourist areas don’t care where you are from as long as you convert to US currency. While we are super rural, there is a very nice town that is a big tourist area. All visitors welcomed… just bring greenbacks.

Are the pigeons migrating with you?

Regrettably no. It will be a bit before I can even think about a flock down there.

Mmmm…BBQ. Wouldn’t say no to a good recipe. One of the problems living across the street from a funeral home (and adjacent to their parking lot) is that you can’t really grill outside. People pull up for a funeral, and you’re kicking it around the grill with a beer… :frowning: