(Jaysen betrayed us and moved North)

NC/SC BBQ is vinegar based style so if that is not your thing you just roll with what you know but be careful about inviting people over it may come to be like this

Storm surge is usually only real bad on the North east side of a Hurricane or right when the eye makes landfall and really depends on the timing of landfall and the tides. (A hurricane landing at low low tide is much better than one landing at high high tide and yes there sometimes is a difference on some days.) Depending on your elevation will be the main risk. If that area hasn’t seen anything bad since the 20’s then it would probably be a direct hit at high high tide that would probably only pose a risk.

Being that close to the waterways the fishing will be out of this world. Just watch out for the occasional stingray and gator things will be fine. Did I mention that you could fresh water fish and salt water fish with very little travel?

The one big thing you will grow to love is FIRE ANTS! They are bad in NC/SC and they are no joke. But as long as you got plenty of gas and you don’t mind sand spurs (be careful walking barefoot) then you should like it. Just make sure your AC is working.

PS: Pig. Cooking out next to a funeral may be a little odd. I mean think of people pulling up and feeling guilty because they think the funeral home is cremating someone and yet the crematorium smells so damn GOOD!

Thankfully it’s just a regular funeral home with no crematorium attached. :slight_smile:

NY home is next door to a funeral home. Director actually tells us “this one was bad… might be good to keep things inside” or “this one would love to see a party, can you have a family thing outside?” We’ve had folks stop at the fence and say things like “dad would have loved see you out there today”. He’s the best director in the area.

Wock, the problem wasn’t really the vinegar, but the balance. They didn’t quite get it right. Mine is a vinegar base but, in my opinion, better balanced with the sweets to make it palatable.

We are on the south west corner of the island. Only a mile to the open ocean, but far enough up the channel to not get the wash from wave action. And close to the tidal estuaries to ensure … fishing!

It appears the only thing missing from making this a perfect heaven is a micro brewery opening up within walking distance and they need “test subjects” for a new beer.

[size=200]FISHIN’ FER BEER![/size]

[size=200]BEER FER FISHIN’![/size]

SNIFF BRIE HERE! (or is that too much of an anagram leap?)

Hmm… Maybe. There is an “artisan” organic farm on the north end of the island (eddings point) that makes cheese …