Jaysen's 40? Y' jokin'!!

[size=150]Surely juvenilism doesn’t last into the 40s…does it? :open_mouth:
Ah well…Happy Birthday young fella![/size]

Given the evidence above (and on countless other threads) I’d suggest well beyond the 40s, maybe beyond the 45s or 46s. :open_mouth:

Happy birthday indeed! I’ll just go and have another beer in honour of Jaysen’s birthday and reflect on the similarities between the psychology of pigeons and managers.


I would send you out some grits, collards, buttered bisquits, pork rinds, and some fresh pig pickin’s but alas without a head you would not enjoy the taste

How baout a temporary head?



Hope it’s a good-un!

Happy birthday!!!

(Has anyone seen him around, or did he wander off again?)

I have a tendency to wander off. Then on. Then off again. Sometimes I just lay down and roll though. All the wandering gets tiring.

Thanks everyone. I keep saying “I need to go spend some time irritating Vic-K and Wock on the L&L forums” but then the family intervenes. They like Mrs K and would prefer that I not stir that hornets nest any more than absolutely necessary. Someday I hope to make good on the threat for more than a few days. Someday.

In the meantime here’s a quick review of the last year or so:

  • I haven’t died yet. The jury is out on this being a positive or negative.
  • Sent the eldest off to uni. Yeah. That didn’t turn out to be a money saver.
  • Boy child is threatening to get his drivers license. If you don’t live in the US, stay out. If you live in NY, run.
  • Mrs hasn’t left yet. I keep waiting for her to realize that I got the better end of the marriage, but she seems determined to remain ignorant, or in denial. It will be 20 years for us this year…
  • I have been writing a little. Mostly for personal enjoyment. Some is online. Nothing really any good. That’s to be expected though. It’s just a fun hobby for me.

That’s pretty much it. I’ll try to stick around a bit and catch up. no promises though Sorry.

Happy birthday, Jaysen! And congrats on your upcoming 20th annie. I’m glad to hear that it’s all good news that’s been keeping you away.

as in bits of A4 paper hanging on the washing line, Master Jaysen? :confused: Or the Mason Dixon? Or…?
Happy birthday Master Jaysen.

Jaysen, happy b’day.

I’ve been wondering what has been happening to you … my conclusion was that, probably, Mrs J had been putting her foot down about you associating with the likes of Vic-K and his alter-egos, and me with my unaltered-ego.

happy birthday, jay. congratulations on making the big four-oh.

Damn, that’s close, by west coast standards of the word, to the Commonwealth of Massachusetts So noted. :smiley:

A few days late, but still wish you a blessed birthday and year.

Both of my kids are older than you. So, you have permission to continue being a juvenile. Helps me think I am still young—like, I don’t know what I will do when I grow up. :smiley: