Jaysen's birthday!?!

According to the forums, today is Jaysen’s birthday.
I was surprised, because usually I learn about a birthday through vic-k (which, until today, I considered further evidence that we were figments of his imagination since he always seems to know when our birthdays are!). Then I learned something that startled, nay, shocked me. The forum says Jaysen is younger than me. :open_mouth:

Oh well…

[size=150]Happy birthday young’n! [/size]

Here’s your cake:[size=200] iii[/size]

[size=150]Here y’ go, numpty :wink: Make your own :smiley:[/size]
[size=150]Have a good ‘n’![/size]

[size=150]HAPPY[/size] [size=150]BIRTHDAY[/size] [size=150]NUMPT![/size]

Happy birthday!

Happy birthday, Jaysen!

HB :stuck_out_tongue:

A pigeon just alighted on my window-sill. I wondered why. Now I know.
Have a good one!

Didn’t you have a birthday just last year? I guess it beats the alternative!

Happy birthday.

I do worry about running out of birthdays, but the Mrs assures me that I will not care once that event happens.

I miss my pigeons. Mrs “took me to Savannah” where i was able to feed several. Odd how a feathered rodent can alter a mood.

Age is more than a chronological metric for us isn’t it? Doesn’t our experience provide us more “aging” than time? Consider that my youngest … spawn … is leaving the nest. My eldest is soon to be among your (nomnomnomnom) peers. What is my real age?

Thank you all.

Are we talking emotional, psychological, and intellectual maturity here? Err, errm, about … six :confused:

Mrs says you’re being generous.

Jaysen, sorry I missed your birthday yesterday … busy packing up then driving — when the traffic allowed — up the motorway from Exeter (For your information, that’s on the way to KB-land :slight_smile: ) to London.

Given the day on which you were born, it’s not surprising that you get involved in trying to slay (intellectual) dragons, and given who you share your birthday with, should we be surprised that you have literary pretensions, even if only for your own amusement?


Mr X

Have you been on holiday? I attempted to “not work” this week, but … bah! On the plus side there will be no surprises when I get back to the daily grind.

As a person with much Chinese background you may find it slightly amusing that I align both the Chinese and Greek (normal for EU/NA) zodiac. I am Ox/Torus. My poor poor wife. And kids. And coworkers. It may also explain my complete and utter in ability to … well … cooperate unless I want to cooperate.

As to my literary pretensions: I’ve always said “my vanity is my only goal!” I’m not sure the linkage, however ironic it may be, is fair to the departed. Not to mention the groan that escapes my wife every time I mentions “there is a very famous person that was born the same day as me…” tells me that said linkage should never be mentioned in her presence (unless you want a pan to the head).