JC and the Brain

I have no idea why, but I always find myself thinking of John Cleese at Easter-time. This is a non-Python slice of word-smith wonderment:


Been there …



pretty typical of the discoursive skills employed during the cut and thrust of debate in the main auditorium of the erstwhile Gatley Académie…THE ex-RED LION

Marvellous tongue twisting, but I’ve a sneaking suspicion where his inspiration sprang from:

Ahh the blessed St Stawinn! Gawd lulvyimlode Sorelymistalibbliho! :wink:
Takeally carelobe


Deep joy!

Actually, I think he must have been attending some of my lectures in disguise, 'cos that’s what they must sound like to my students!


I’ll have to attend one of your Exeter based lectures Mark. Mandarin delivered with a west-country accent… 'ass proper ennit? To be fair though, I’m quite capable of achieving a similar level of incoherence whenever Vic-k sees fit to crack a bottle or two of his famed Jameson stock. :wink:


(1) my lectures take place here in the Land of the Great Firewall, not in Exeter or London … except when I meet someone new and they insist on telling me all about Linguistics and language, to the point that I have to give them a lecture to put them right! And when I hang up my chalk-duster in July, that’ll be it for lecturing for me … unless the Guangdong University of Foreign Studies were to invite me to come and give a series of lectures on issues in Chinese–English translation. I’ll work on that as it would be a way to spend time with my many friends in Guangzhou (Canton) at minimal expense! :wink:

(2) sadly, I don’t have a West Country accent, I have a BBC un-preferred public school (minor variety) RP accent.

But should you ever be passing through the noble city of Exeter, let me know and we might share a glass of something appropriate …

… that should stir Vic-K up! :smiling_imp: