Jenny Diski reviews Cherie Blair

Congrats to Jenny for her review of this ill-conceived and ill-executed autobiography in last Sunday’s Sunday Times. It is much the best review of the book I’ve read and made me laugh out loud, almost to the point of a Level One KCIE (keyboard coffee inundation event).

Yes, great stuff. Here’s the link:

This, and some of the other reviews I’ve read, have almost made me want to read the book for myself, as it sounds so wonderfully awful. Almost, mind.

I was wondering if it would be appropriate, for the crew of the Good Ship Scrivener, to adopt Jenny as our official Secret WDD (Weapon of Dross Destuction).

Steve Bells IF flash back, covering the Blairs visit to one of the Windsor`s little holiday homes, is a cracker!! :laughing:
Take care

Well, that would be dandy, Cap’n, so long as no one goes to war over me. I don’t, after all, exist.


Your not hiding WMD are you?

Not that it matters. I am sure we can find other reasons for war that appear much more righteous but are just as silly as a book review (the excuse of a review, not the review itself).

BTW a non-existent you and Le’D should join forces. You might be able to motivate him to actually complete a little story that he has let drop off. Those of us who are suffering from the fate of existing are getting frustrated by his lack of follow through.

[size=65]we are still waiting vic-k[/size]

Crumbs. I hope that’s not true, Jenny, and the books on my shelf with your name on them don’t start to dissolve like snapshots in Back to the Future:confused: