jerking in full-screen mode

Hi guys,

I’ve searched through the forum, but didn’t find what I was hoping for. I am very fond of using the full-screen mode for writing, love the option of blacking out everything else on the screen and just writing. However, editing in this mode is a royal pain in the neck - the screen helpfully re-centers on the line that I am trying to edit and the constant jerking is driving me mad (and makes me lose the spot where I was trying to work). Is there a way to switch it off? It’s really not very helpful for people who like their writing to stay still while they are concentrating on work…

Thanks heaps!



Go to Edit > Options > Editor and uncheck Fulscreen typewriter scrolling

You are wonderful, thank you! :slight_smile:

Just a thought - on the main screen, the button to enter the full screen says "Enter Full screen "(inconsistently capitalized, by the way), however in the options it says “Typewriter”. It would be nice if the naming was consistent…

Typewriter mode and Full Screen are two separate things, so this isn’t inconsistent unless I’m completely misunderstanding you. Typewriter mode is what keeps the current line centered on the page; this can be used in both Full Screen and in the regular editor, and in Options you’ll see a checkbox for each. Full Screen mode is more like a writing space, blocking out other distractions and letting you focus on your document; it’s essentially how you’re viewing your text document (and not viewing anything else). This is opposed to the regular editor mode, which is what you see when you first open a project, where you also can have the binder and inspector visible, different toolbars, headers, footers, etc.

Ah, I see what you mean. I guess I am just blonde and should have read the manual :slight_smile: It’s really not obvious to someone who comes from something like MS Word that the “Typewriter mode” refers to “Center the line you are working on in the middle of screen”. But then the only time I’ve used a typewriter was when I was 10…

Heh. The manual does explain it, and the tutorial mentions it as well, although to be fair it is in the section on Full Screen. :wink: But I can see how it could be confusing.