[JH] Installation error

I encountered this error when I ran the 64-bit installer that I downloaded from the beta-posting topic.

However, I reinstalled the previous version then got updated successfully by push notification.

Curious–thanks for the report. Did you install the previous version to the same location you were attempting to install this one? It seems like a one-off error–nothing wrong with the installer itself, but maybe a bad download. It doesn’t seem like it was a permissions issue with the drive you were copying to since it managed to complete most of the installation successfully before throwing an error. Let us know though if you get it again and we can take a deeper look.

Hmm - it may be an actual error on the computer, as if the installer hadn’t downloaded correctly, I don’t think it would have run, due to zip and other checksums.

It’s not uncommon for the file system to get a little confused over time, and so you might want to do is run a check on your C drive, one that allows it to correct errors.

This should help prevent other problems from showing themselves, or tell you indeed if your disk is actually getting tired.

The traditional way to do this has been with chkdsk from a command prompt.

This may not be familiar, and these days there’s an app that’s part of Windows which will let you at least start the process from a button. It may take more if you need repairs.

Here’s one at least pretty complete explanation. It’s wordy, but in due course will let you know if you want to tackle this yourself, find a friend, or talk to a shop, by telling you about the button steps.

howtogeek.com/howto/windows … ows-vista/

Don’t worry that the link mentions Vista - the article is titled and up-to-date for Windows including 10, and I just had a look to see.

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