[JH] [, 64-bit] Scratch pad crash

I switched to using Windows 1.x shortcuts.
I tried the keyboard shortcut for the scratch pad (ctrl-shift-zero)
Scrivener crashed. (No error or core dump.)

Other shortcuts seem to be working fine.

(And with some different formatting, this could almost be a William Carlos Williams poem.)

When you say “other shortcuts” do you mean Win1-theme shortcuts for other items or the other theme shortcuts for the Scratchpad? If the former, is the crash occurring only when you use the shortcut but not if you open the Scratchpad via the menu?

I’m not able to reproduce this, so trying to narrow down the problem. What happens if you use the Win1 shortcut theme but redefine the shortcut for the Scratchpad? Do you have anything else running on your system that might be capturing that Ctrl+Shift+0 shortcut (or part of it)? Windows uses Ctrl+Shift as the default shortcut for switching between keyboard layouts within a language, if you have multiple enabled. Is that relevant to your setup?

Nothing is currently set to use ctrl-shift-zero. Ctrl-shift-zero did crash previously, but was fixed in a later beta. (It’s crashing again.) I can access the scratch pad via menu just fine. (Although with the dark theme, the white text against yellow is unreadable, although that’s an easy fix.)

I bound the scratch pad to meta+shift+zero–came up as meta+)–and it works fine. (That’s the windows key on my keyboard for meta.)

Which version are you using? HiDPI or Normal? I’m using the normal version, and Ctrl_shift+0 brings up the scratch pad without crashing.

The normal one. I can remap the scratch pad to meta-shift-zero, and it comes up, no problem. just not ctrl-shift-zero.