[JH] Beta Installer leaves old listings under Programs and Features

As shown on attached image.
The install date on the old ones is not correct, That date changes for all items to be the date of the most recent install.

If there was an instruction to remove the previous beta version before install, I missed it - that would clear this up.

I’m on Windows 10 64 bit Pro Insider Preview Build 17692

Interesting. I’m assuming that you installed each time to the exact same location? My suspicion is that you ended up with the multiple listings because there were alterations to the Scrivener installation folder from what the installer itself created–e.g. if any crash reports had been logged or dictionaries downloaded–so the old files were preserved in a backup folder rather than being overwritten (which in turn might have caused the next installation to be backed up, and so on)–so the older .exe files may still be present deeper in the structure. Normally if it is cleanly overwritten, you’d only end up with one instance. That said, it’s still odd that you’d have the installation information changed there–in the case I managed to reproduce, the new installation did not alter the previous version’s install date in the Apps & Features list.

The best way to avoid this is to do a clean installation, as you noted, and we do recommend this in the instructions for installing the beta, in the announcement post. If the uninstallation leaves any traces (files that were not created by the installer), you can then manually delete those or move them elsewhere before installing the new version. Using the auto-updater from within Scrivener (Help > Check for Updates) should also avoid this, although if you do that and find it does not, we’d appreciate knowing.

I have not seen it duplicated on my end. I’ve used the update feature since and other previous installations do not show.

I used the auto update feature to update from to It left the old entry for in Programs and Features, i.e it didn’t update with the new version and installation date.