[JH] British Smart Quotes

I’ve been toying around a bit with the new Scrivener and have realised that there is no support for British smart quotes.

You know the single ‘open and close quotes’ with “double” inside of the single if need be.

Will be looked at before final realese?


Could you clarify what you’re looking for here? Both of these quote types can be converted from straight to smart (curly) quotes in Scrivener, and from smart to straight. I’m not understanding what sort of support you’re expecting.

In British useage all speech and quotations use single speech marks, ‘As an example’.

(See page 151 of the 2002 edition of the Oxford Manual of Style.)

Within the Corrections tab of Options there is no way I can choose a single speech mark (either straight or curly) in the left dropdown box. What I would like is to see there be an option for this to happen.