[JH] Bug: Corkcards

Forgive me if this has been discussed but I didn’t see it in search.

There seems to be some bugs with corkcards.

  • When I first open a project there are large spaces between any paragraphs in the cards, When I click on the cards this fixes itself, but it always reverts to the bug everytime I reopen the project and I have to click on all the cards to see them correctly.

  • Also when I type something on a card and hit enter to go to the next line, it actually makes me deselect the card. There is therefore no way to create paragraphs. I have to write everything in one big block of text, which wasn’t the case with Scrivener 2.


Regarding the second issue, this is a setting in Options just as in Scrivener 1. You’ll find it now under Behaviors: Return Key. With “Return ends editing” enabled, you can use Ctrl+Enter to create a new line while editing the synopsis on the corkboard or outliner.

The first issue I’m unable to duplicate, but I’m not sure I’m fully understanding what you’re seeing. Would it be possible to take a few screenshots or a short video showing what happens when you first load the corkboard and then click to fix the spacing problem? It’d be helpful to see the whole Scrivener window for these.

If you adjust the card size in the corkboard options from the icon in the bottom right of the corkboard footer, does that affect how the synopses load?