[JH] Can't add files from outliner

In Windows version [Version: Beta (90712) 64-bit - 30 Jan 2018] I can’t add any files using the outliner. Right-clicking on an entry in the Outliner and selecting “Add” gives the expected menu options, but they are all grayed-out. Same behavior from the “Project” menu when the item in the Outliner is selected. Also, the “add” icons at the bottom of the Outliner panel show the proper mouse-rollover text, but aren’t click-able. I can add items in the Binder with no problem, and can delete items using right-click from the outliner.

It sounds like you may have a multiple selection (or collection) loaded in the outliner. New items can only be created when you’re viewing the contents of a folder or document group, since otherwise there’s no context for where the item should be created in the actual binder. If you open the Draft folder in the outliner, for instance, you should be able to add new text items. Does that work for you? If not, could you please post a screenshot of your Scrivener window showing the setup wherein you’re not able to create the new items? That might give a clue to what’s causing the bug.

I believe this will reproduce the problem:

  • Open a folder with some number of documents in it in the outliner.
  • Note that you can add new text documents/etc. using right-click on the outliner’s documents.
  • Select one of those documents to be opened in the copyholder: Mouse-down on the icon next to the document’s title. Drag it to the outliner’s title bar. Press “alt” and then release the mouse. [If I press “alt” before mouse-down I end up expanding the selection, not dragging what I’m clicking on – another bug?]
  • Close the copyholder by clicking the “x” in the corner.
  • Right-clicking on any of the documents in the outliner now shows the problem.

Hm, I’m still not reproducing it with these steps. Are there any other conditions for the structure of the outliner or editor setup?

I can reliably reproduce the problem with my current project, but if I try to replicate it in a brand new project with the same steps, everything’s fine. The current project was converted from 1.9 so maybe that had something to do with it? Dunno. I think I’ll create a new project and move things into it from the project that’s having the problem. If the problem persists after doing that, I’ll post again.

Thanks for looking into this.

Thanks for the update. If you’re willing, you could send a zipped copy of the project to win3beta@literatureandlatte.com and we can take a look. You can use Save As to make a copy and trim it down and delete/replace text if you like; as long as it’s reproducing the issue, that won’t matter. Please include a link to this forum thread if you do email.


Thanks, I’ve replied in email.