[JH] Composition Mode Page Fade

The page fade works fine the first time it is open, but once closed and reopened, it becomes stuck with an opaque page. This can only be changed if the project is closed and opened again.

There is a known issue whereby the paper transparency adjustment doesn’t take effect until after clicking back into the text, and there can be a slight delay with this as well, but I’m not seeing the problem you describe of the paper becoming stuck in the opaque setting. Are you getting this with a backdrop or a background texture when in Composition Mode? If you set the paper fade to about 25% initially, does the slider itself jump to 100% after you exit Composition Mode and return, or does it stay where you set it but the paper has simply become opaque? Also, which version of the beta are you using, the regular or the non-HiDPI?

I am using the 64 bit version. (not sure which one that is.)
Anyway, I’ve reinstalled it, installed it on another computer, and I am quite sure it’s not a problem on my side. Now, it will switch to a transparent page, but only for a second before it goes back to an opaque one. I have opened composition mode a few times, only to have the Scrivener window close without creating a backup. This has all been with an image background. It does not jump to 100%, it simply doesn’t work. I’ve had better results with partial opacity that will none, but upon closing and reopening composition mode, it goes back to a opaque page without jumping the slider.

I understand if you don’t want to look into it when only one person is experiencing the problem, but this problem has been frustrating me every time I open Scrivener, and I don’t want to have to deal with that during serious writing projects. Sorry to bother you if it’s my own issue. Thanks.

There are two versions of the 64-bit version – by default now in RC14 the Hi-DPI version is downloaded, which uses a slightly newer version of the underlying Qt libraries to help Scrivener’s display scale better on hi-resolution displays that pack a lots of pixels in a small area. You can also download a low-DPI version that uses an older version of Qt and doesn’t have the same scalability. If you see the issue with one and not the other, that helps the devs zero in on where the problem could lie.