[JH] Linked document is always open in main editor

I linked a document in my project into another document that I always open in the second editor; but when I click the link the document it refers to it’s open in main editor; is it by design? I’d want a linked document to be open in the editor I’m using at the moment.

Well, I discovered that I can tell a link to be opened in the current editor by right clicking it and selecting the appropriate menu item; but “Open in current editor” should be default; this way is confusing.

Sorry, could you explain the steps you’re taking and where/how you’re linking the document? Are you using the bookmarks feature in the inspector or adding a link into the text file in the editor? We do have plans for providing more options to set your preferred defaults for opening links, but the existing “Open clicked Scrivener Links in” setting in File > Options > Behaviors may do what you want.

Sorry if it wasn’t clear; I often struggle with English.
Well, you answered to my question even if it was unclear. I actually missed that option; I had sausage slices on my eyes :blush: . It was a link I added to a text in an editor.