[JH] Locking up at "Beta will expire" dialog box?

Is anyone else having Scrivener fail to proceed beyond the dialog box notifying us of when the update will expire?

It worked fine for me previously, so I find this curious. I’m not submitting it as a bug yet, as I don’t see a cause at the moment. Just curious to know if it’s occurred for anyone else.

I can’t even kill the process in the task manager. :open_mouth:

Ooooh! Followup question!

Does Scrivener use the LGPL Generic Updater Platform to do it’s update checks?
That was active in Notepad++ and as soon as I closed it Scrivener was able to load again.

Would like to know if we are looking at a Windows beta update that will take beyond 30 March?

I’m not closing the app in the hope it keeps working in the absence of a new beta :slight_smile:

Subscribe to this thread for a notification when it’s ready: viewtopic.php?f=57&t=40621

They always play it rather close to the cut-off. Probably because it’s no easy thing to stop mid-way through implementing some new feature or bug fix so that you can make something that won’t crash for half your users. They also have to package it up for installation, write up what’s new, etc… It’s a rarity for them to be anywhere close to late, though people on the other side of the international date line from them may be sweating/swearing right now (maybe? date math breaks my brain).

I hear you rdale. Yes they are working under the date line’ and I’m in a minus seven time zone at the moment:0

No, Scrivener uses its own update mechanism and shouldn’t be related. Is the hang reproducible on your machine? If so, could you provide the exact steps so we can try to recreate the error?

Yes, a new beta will be out shortly. The current one (Beta 3) will run through March 31st (expiring on April 1st).

I shall try. I have to hope that there’s an update to Notepad++ that causes the updater to run, and then see if the lockup remains. Fingers crossed :slight_smile:

I was able to get an old version of Notepad++ to force the update, but it didn’t conflict with the Scrivener launcher at any point during the install. So that’s good :slight_smile:
I was able to launch Scrivener at every prompt point during the install process.

Whatever it was that preventing me from launching while the updater ran before might have been a fluke. But if I find a cause I will screen capture it. :slight_smile:

Thanks for investigating! I’m glad it’s running now, in any case. :slight_smile:

I have had it freeze under the last two (beta) versions, it requires me to “end task” and then re-launch. It rarely does it two launchings in a row.Capture.JPG