[JH] Quick bug notice after splitting with title

just installed the newest beta. I like what I see.

Whilst splitting a longer text into parts with the command ‘split with selecetion as title’ I got an error message popup after the 14th split. Closed it after the screenshot. Didn’t loose anything. Could pursue.


Ok, did crash after some more normal splits. Was about to move a splitted text into a subfolder.
But not nothing. Cool :slight_smile:


PS: Tried again to split, and crashed again. Split was inside a file in a folder.

Hi Philipp, I notice that your project is located inside Dropbox. Do you receive the above error message only from projects inside Dropbox, or also on other projects located outside of Dropbox. Do you receive the above error on every project save, or once in a while at random. Thanks, Tiho.

Hi Philipp - Just a quick note too, the crash when splitting is a separate issue which we should have fixed for the next release; it can occur when splitting or duplicating documents. The Project Writer error you got initially, indicating the failed save when trying to rename the RTF file, is the one that we’re hoping to track down further.

Ohhhhh dammmmnnnn, Thought I didn’t receive any replies, since the post landed in my spam folder, then came the holidays, then I forgot to look. Sorry.
But great to know that the bug is known and being looked after. It’s a beta after all.
And yes it’s all DropBox, since I try to be flexible with Windows, Mac and iPad.

Best regards