[JH] Scrivener beta blows up pasting from Word (Office 365)

Scrivener Beta 64-bit - 01 Aug 2018 seems to blow up (crash) when pasting text from MS Word (Office 365) using the “Paste” function but not when using the “Paste and Match Style” function. Same thing when using the shortcut keys “Ctrl-V”. Happens every time.

Apologies if this is a duplicate; didn’t see this in forums.

Could you share a sample document that produces this? It presumably has to do with the formatting in the original, since stripping that prevents the problem, so it would be helpful to examine that directly. You’ll need to zip the document to attach it here. Thanks!

I’ve attached requested zip file with sample document.

Reduced_for_LandL.zip (14 KB)

Hi MM,

I emailed you a short video yesterday so that you can replicate the crash, in case it is not clear.

Yes, thanks for the video and the sample file. Unfortunately (!) I’m not reproducing this with the consistency you seem to be getting, although in the series of attempts I did get a crash which might have been from the paste action; I haven’t yet figured out what was unique in that case to trigger it. Could you try two things to see if we can get some more information on the crash?

  1. In the Scrivener installation folder, check to see if there are any crash reports in the “minidumps” folder that match the time of Scrivener crashing from the paste from Word. In my case, crash dumps weren’t created, but if you’re getting them, could you zip one up and attach it here or send it as a follow-up to your previous email? (Or send it as a new thread to win3beta@literatureandlatte.com with a reference to the thread, if that’s simpler.)

  2. Also from Scrivener’s installation folder, launch Scrivener by right-clicking the “ScrivenerLog.bat” file and choosing to run as administrator. Then trigger the crash with the paste, refresh the file browser, and look for a “log” folder and attach/send the .log file inside that.

Also, are you getting this when pasting into a new blank project? i.e. it does not appear particular to the document formatting or project that you are pasting into.


Hi MM,

Sent email per your request to win3beta@literatureandlatte.com a few minutes ago with two ZIP files (minidump and log file). Also, opened Scrivener, created new project, new blank document and then pasted in same section as in video… kaboom. Blew up. I’m at a loss.


Thanks for sending that! Still a mystery to me, but we’ll keep plugging and see if we can’t figure it out. One other piece of info that might help:

  1. From Scrivener’s installation folder, run the “clipboard.exe” program.
  2. In Word, select and copy the sample text that causes the crash on paste.
  3. In the clipboard program, right-click into the bottom section (it shouldnow be showing a bunch of text) and choose “Select All”, then right-click again and choose “Copy”
  4. Paste the copied text into a new plain-text document (e.g. in Notepad) and save it as a plain-text (.txt) file.

Then if you could attach/send that for inspection, I’d appreciate it!

I have been having the same problem, but Word even crashes when I compile (not only when I paste from Scrivener to Word from Office 365). I have read the suggested instructions to get this taken care of, but I cannot find the Intallation Folder on my Mac in order to see if Scrivener generated reports.

Where is it?


Hi, Map, and welcome to the forum! :slight_smile: The issue reported in this thread is regarding the Windows 3.0 beta version of Scrivener, so it’s unlikely to be the same problem as you’re seeing with compile on macOS, and the troubleshooting for it will be different–application installation and logs, etc. are different between systems. It will be easier for folks to help you if you post a full description of the problem you’re encountering in the macOS forum, either under technical support or bug hunting. Giving steps there to reproduce the problem, or providing a sample file that causes the crash when trying to compile, would be especially helpful for tracking down the issue and finding a solution or bug-fix.