[JH] Scrivener LINKS Problems

The documentation talks about Scrivener Link. There is no such menu choice as Edit->Scrivener Link. Instead there is Edit->Link To Document -> New Link. I know, the documentation was not rewritten. Just pointing this out anyway.

Creating a link using Alt+Drag from the Binder to the editor works fine. It Does Not work when dragging to “Notes”. It dumps the entire text file into Notes instead of creating a link.EXPECTED to see a link in Notes with the name of the text file from the binder.

Creating a Link by highlighting a word in the editor and then linking via the Link to Document->New Link creates a link to a new empty file with the title being the highlighted word. The new blank link file is added to the Binder and can be retrieved by clinking on the created link. EXPECTED to see the associated file I selected from the Binder after clicking on the link with title of the text file from the binder. Did not expect a new empty file.

Highlighting a word(s) in the editor and then dragging over a text file from binder using ALT key adds a new link using the title instead of the highlighted word(s). It does not add a link to the highlighted word (not affected). EXPECTED the highlighted word in the editor to change/update into an underlined link.

Thanks for the report. The link drag behaviour is still being updated, but I’m not seeing quite what you’re getting:

  1. Currently (as of Beta 8) the behaviour is that Alt+drag of a text document from the binder creates a link (using the title of the dragged doc), and an unmodified drag drops the text of the document. This is consistent for me in testing both when dropping in a text document in the main editor and when dropping in the notes. Are you seeing a difference depending on when you press the Alt key, or what sort of document you’re dragging? Any specific steps for reproducing this would be helpful.

Ultimately, this will be switched around, so that an unmodified drag of the text document creates the link, and the Alt-drag drops the text.

  1. Drag and drop from the binder onto a text selection to create a link on the selected text is not yet implemented, either for the main editor or the notes. At the moment, an Alt-drag to selected text just inserts the link into the selected text wherever the cursor is, the same as in (1) above, with the title of the dragged document inserted as the link. Ultimately this should work as you expect, with the link to the dragged document being applied to the selected text, and no new text inserted (and it would be an unmodified drag rather than Alt-drag).

  2. Selecting text in the editor and using Edit > Link to Document > New Link… brings up a dialog that allows you to either “Create New Linked Document” or “Link to Existing Document”, the first being the default. This does just what you saw: it creates a new document in the binder, at the destination selected from the dropdown menu in the dialog, and using the title specified, defaulting to the selected text. (You can use this without having selected text, as well.) When you click OK, the new document is created, and the link is applied to the selected text (or inserted into the document as a linked title if there was no selection).

To link the selected text to an existing document, you can either choose the “Link to Existing Document” tab from the New Link… dialog and select the document there, or you can select the document directly from the cascading binder menu in Edit > Link to Document.

“Link to Document” is also available via the right-click context menu–both the cascading binder menu to select the document to link to and the “New Link…” dialog–and works the same way.

  1. The manual is not yet updated for 3.0. The tutorial is, although it does include information on some features that are not fully implemented; we try to mark these with annotations or a “Missing Feature” style, as described in the tutorial’s “Start Here” document. On a quick search, I didn’t see a reference to the Edit > Scrivener Link menu in the tutorial. If this is where you saw it, could you please let me know the section it’s in so we can get that updated for the next beta? Thanks!