[JH] Scrivener project file not found

Granted, I am using v3, so it may just be a glitch to be tamed later, but…

Whenever I start Scrivener, I get the message “Scrivener project file not found.” I checked to see if I had a variable on the command-line, but do not. And once I am in Scrivener, I make sure all are closed before I exit.

What is causing this message that I can address now?

Chuck Billow

What command-line variable did you expect to find?

What do you mean by ‘all are closed before’? There is nothing to close before you exit scrivener. You just exit.

I didn’t “expect” a command-line variable necessarily, but since starting Scrivener always ends up telling me the project cannot be found, I figure it has to be called for from somewhere.

As for the “all are closed”, yes, I thought that was the case. Again, I am just looking for triggers that would cause Scrivener to be looking for something it doesn’t find.

How are you starting Scrivener?

From the Windows Start menu? From a shortcut to the program that you created? From a shortcut to a project file that you created? Or…?

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Scrivener’s default behaviour is to open projects that were open on quit. Unless you’ve changed the options so that closing all project windows brings up the New Project window, the last project closed also quits the program, and that project will be automatically opened when you next launch Scrivener. The message you’re getting suggests that the path to that project has been changed since Scrivener closed or is inaccessible (e.g. on an unavailable external drive).

You can deselect “Reopen projects that were open on quit” in the General tab of File > Options to change the behaviour.


I did two things: I uninstalled Scrivener and re-installed it. Then the message had disappeared – until I had opened another project, exited and got the same message upon re-entry.

Then I found in the Options / General the tick-box to “Re-open projects that were open on quit.”

Unchecking that box solved it.