[JH] Scrivenings View - List of comments is "jumping"

Hi there!
I just noticed a curious bug. I opened a scrivening with lots of comments (enough to fill the column on the right), and they were moving up and down a little, with the scrollbar appearing and disappearing.

Those are the two states. With the dis- and reappearance of the scroll bar, the comments move up and down a little. I had only one Scrivening open in the editor. I changed scrivenings, widened the program window so all comments would fit on the screen, and then switched back to that 1B scrivening - no more blinking! Seems to me this only happens if comments don’t fit on the screen.

Noteworthy: My PC got slower and slower, almost like the RAM was progressively filled, and the blinking got slower the longer I waited (and the fuller the RAM got) with that “buggy” scrivening open. PC and program both sped up as soon as I switched to another scrivening.

Hi HLCorrie - Could you let us know if you’re still encountering the flickering scrollbar in Beta 8? There were some changes to the comments that did resolve this in the test project that I had, but because we’ve had trouble reproducing it, it would be great to have some additional confirmation one way or the other from others who have experienced this. If you do have a project setup that seems to be constantly throwing the error, could you send us a zipped copy of the project in a state where you can provide instructions for us to reproduce the flickering? You can email the project to win3beta@literatureandlatte.com. Thank you!