[JH] Split window doesn't work properly

Hello !
I encounter a bug while testing the horizontal split window.
As you can see on the following picture, “upper” panel doesn’t have the same layout as the “bottom” panel (which is the normal layout) : text zone is narrower.
Plus, I can’t change the selection on bottom panel : all scene/folder/etc open in the upper panel… which is not really convenient.

Hi luxia - Thanks for the report. For the selection issue, check Navigate > Binder Selection Affects – I imagine this is set to the bottom editor, and you can get it back to the normal behaviour by setting it to the current editor. There were some changes in the first couple of betas that affected this, so if this is an older project or one upgraded from 1.x, it may have been changed from Current because of that (or it could’ve just been an accidental change you made when playing around in menus–I’ve certainly done that sort of thing more than once!).

As far as the different appearance of the editors, the only thing that comes to mind is that the top might be set to Page View, which is a per-editor setting. If you click into that editor, is you can toggle Page View off via View > Text Editing > Page View. However, there’s a known bug in Beta 8 whereby this setting is sticking to the documents themselves, so even after toggling Page View off, reloading a document previously loaded in Page View will make it appear as Page View even though the setting won’t have the checkmark in the menu. In that case, you’ll need to toggle the setting back on, then off again in order for it to be corrected. Easier might just be to close and reopen the project, which will fix it for all the documents.

Thanks for the tips ! I will try that.
Good luck for the rest of the work !