[JH] Text goes off screen in outliner

When writing in outliner mode, if the text goes off screen there’s no way to see what you’re writing unless you hit escape to get it to resize. But then the same thing happens agian with each line.

Sorry, could you describe a bit more where you’re typing in the Outliner (synopsis field, custom metadata, etc.) and where it’s going off the edge (right edge of the editor, bottom, some edge of a separate text area)? It is possible for columns to extend further horizontally than can be shown in the editor, so you may be able to avoid this by resizing the column or adjusting the scroll position of the editor while you’re working, but without further details it’s hard to know exactly what’s going on and where the bug might lie. If you could get a screenshot showing the issue, that’d be great too.

Just logged in to see if there were any comments on this - haven’t used outliner before so don’t know if behaviour is new.

I’m using the default outliner screen where it shows as a list of columns and has the option button beneath set to show the synopsis below the title…

I’m writing short synopsis below the titles and its the synopsis where the text wraps but then drops below the bottom of the screen and has to be manually pulled back into view by the scroll bars.