[JH] Version 2.9.x.x, Chinese cross-platform and under CrossOver on Mac

I’m starting a new thread to give it a more general title.

  1. Although the footnote marker system is now in place, and you can create footnotes easily and can enter text, I have found that you can delete them by clicking on the ‘x’, but you have to remove the marker separately. I believe Jennifer and the team are aware of this.

  2. On the Mac, one of the curious aspects of writing Chinese is that you have to insert a space following the asterisk or whatever as part of the marker, as Chinese is monospaced and doesn’t use spaces anywhere; without the asterisk, attempting to add a new footnote merely takes you to the previous footnote. The Windows version doesn’t need the space, it seems, so I will check what happens when a project with footnotes is shared across the platforms.

When writing in Chinese, the ‘left-to-right’ indicator on the cursor is present all the time.

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