Something I looked for but didnt find in this section was Journal software.
A program to take your thoughts, musings and ideas as they pop up and provide an alternative to the web for procrastination.

I used to use Soho Notes for this but an upgrade has a fault whereby data is not saved or the journaled/passworded note will not open.

After having lost 6-9 months of pensees and bitch sessions I am now using Macjournal. It seems good, accessible via a keystroke and it can hold pictures and other forms of data.

A common statement is that if you keep a journal it will in time keep you.
Well my view is that its a form of procrastination with which could strike lucky in terms of inspiration or a note you make on the fly.

Now that I have Lit and Lat I have three forms of avoiding productive work.


A donationware program that a lot of people like is Journler. It is definitely aimed more at daily journaling. It has a built-in calender, and good support for iLife synchronisation. You can browse your iPhoto folders from within it, and drop pictures in as attachments, for example. Or songs.

You might want to check that out.

Journler has evolved beyond its journaling roots as a simple notetaker. You can record written, audio and video notes - or move (or copy) and store all kinds of documents. And this week a new version introduced real tagging. To my knowledge, Journler was the first program to introduce smart folders nested within smart folders. Drag a document to a nested smart folder, and it is tagged automatically with the tags of the nested folder and its parent folders. Journler truly is intuitive and a complement to Scrivener. I use Journler and its smart folders for archiving all kinds of projects and documents. Importantly, Journler uses many of the core technologies of Apple’s MacOS and uses Spotlight for searching text and tags. Finally, like Scrivener, there is an active user support group.

Journler is quite nice. I highly recommend it.

I just blagged 25% discount off Mariner Software.
Not as cheap as free but I had a nice warm glow for a few minutes.

Journalling. Get the bitching out and let it flow.


Good choice. I don’t know why, exactly, but I prefer MacJournal for my personal journaling. I"ve been using it for a long while now. I have tried Journler on different occasions and like it. But I just haven’t found a way to fit it in that works. There is something clean about MacJournal I really like and I’ve found it to be stable and easy to use (love that quicknote feature). So why fix it if it ain’t broken, right? Good you got it on sale. Mariner is good about offering specials.