Journler and Devon

I have read with great interest the conversations on software such as Devon Think and Journler. I am leaning toward the Journler, but, Devon has another program called Agent and on some level, this changes everything. … index.html

This program seems to work in conjunction with Devon Think and I get the feeling they are a powerful team. I see having that research capacity working with your chosen software program as valuable and this changes the equation quite a bit. Unfortunately, Journler does not have a research program to which it is so closely tied.

Any opinions on my assumption that Devon with Agent is hard to beat due to the synergy of the programs.

I need to get with one of these programs rather quickly. I need a short learning curve, simplicity and ease of use. (With my IQ of only 37, I become confused easily. Add on the ADHD, and you can see why I need this type of software.

Any thoughts?




A couple of points; one, I don’t profess to be an expert on this type of software, especially in the Mac realm, but two, I do own DevonThink Pro and DevonAgent, and three (OK, three points) I’ve found that DevonAgent’s relevancy ratings and searching abilities are very useful when trying to pin down obscure or almost-hidden information. DevonAgent is pretty quick to understand; DT Pro takes a little longer to learn, but I wouldn’t characterise it as particularly difficult.

Three-and-a-half: in any case, personally I wouldn’t compare Journler with DevonThink - chalk and cheese, really. If your requirement is for searching for and stashing away information on a large scale and frequent basis, then Devon is for you.

Happy 2008!


Another quick note:

I have owned DevonAgent and DevonThink Pro for some time and like the developers as well as their products.

As far as the UI (not just the pretty graphics) go, DevonAgent is not up to snuff as far as current browsers go.
It’s like using a 5 or 6 year old browser version, IMO. However, if you are going to perform targeted research only and won’t be “browsing”, it is acceptable.

DevonThink Pro is also dated but the functionality is very good.

Happy new year to all