July 1982, The Atlantic Monthly: “Living With a Computer”

This article will take some of us back-to-the-day, and transport others into an alternate reality:


(Anybody else remember edlin? http://www.computerhope.com/edlin.htm)

I suppose the more things change, the more they stay the same.

Jeezz!!! Y’ not goin’ all profound on us, are y’ young ‘n’? :open_mouth:
If you start Jaysen off, you’ll know about it…‘m tellin’ y’!! :open_mouth:

Mr Fallows uses Scrivener.


James Fallows, the author of the The Atlantic Monthly piece cited in the OP’s title and text, is currently a user of Scrivener. AFAIK, he’s written about it in the magazine, and at least according to a contribution by him to another forum a couple of months ago, remains an enthusiast.

Hugh, The error here is mine.

My expression was directed that the individual… I mean multi-facited personality that posted prior to you.

My apologies.

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don’t sound so surprised.

What do you mean that was sarcasm?

Not sarcasm, but acceptance… resignation…embracing the inevitable. :frowning: tch!

Ah. That makes more sense!

Back to “on topic” …

It is possible to make modern “instant on” systems with minimalist editor environments (I think paolo ha one called an alphasmart that was just a keyboard with a single line text display). I’ve been trying to lobby for less functional platforms at the office. Reduce the amount of possible distraction, increase the focus on task at hand, etc. No buyers.

indicative of the concentration of too much power in too few hands… looks like something emanating from Lubyanka Square :open_mouth: :imp:

Instant on -> See SSD

Not quite. If SSD was instant on, why does my IOS device spend so much time with an apple logo once I power it on?

Instant on ≈ SSD + only use sleep mode instead of shutdown.

Marketing :-0

Note the fine print:

[size=85]*Instant on in not found on the stripped down model. In order to get instant on you must buy into the marketing and repurchase the same device with a new paint job every time one is released and you must by the most expensive model even though you will never need it and you must define instant on as faster than 10 minutes (average time for a pc to finally start up fully).[/size]