Jump back to TOC option?

My scrivener document is now 140 pages long and i made a TOC at the beginning which has clickable links to jump to the correct page. But going back to the TOC after reading a fragment every time is annoying, so is there an command to create a link on every page that jumps back to the TOC? Or do I need to insert this in manually on every page?

You would need to create a link back to the TOC document where you wanted it - Scrivener has no concept of a TOC document.

Also note that most PDF readers have a back button of some sort available to them for precisely this reason: it’s not terribly convenient, or reasonable to expect, every writer to supply two-way linking in every scenario where they may want to link.

Here are three very easy ways you can do what you want:

    Use the editor pane’s Back button! This is the way to do if you are working in a single Editor Pane. You start with your TOC doc showing, click one of the Scrivs link to jump to a point in your project then use the editor’s Back button to pop back to the TOC doc. Even if you do a lot of stuff while you are down in the other document – including jumping to other docs – you can click the Back button until you get back to the TOC or click-and-hold the Back button and pic the TOC doc right off the back history menu. (Working this way requires that you have set Preferences > Navigation > Open Clicked Scrivener Links in: Current Editor.)

    Use split editor panes – keeping the TOC doc in one of them and the content docs you are reading open in the other pane. Again, this works even if you do a lot of stuff and jumping around in the other pane. (Working this way requires that you have set Preferences > Navigation > Open Clicked Scrivener Links in: Other Editor.)

    Make a key command to jump to your TOC doc. Any menu item can be given a key command on a Mac, and there is a menu item in Scriv which will jump to your TOC doc in particular. That item is on a sub-submenu of View > Go To. The name of the menu item you want there is just the name of your TOC doc. Assuming that doc’s name is not the same as some other (earlier) menu item, all you have to do is go to [apple] > System Prefs > Keyboard > Keyboard Shortcuts, and set up an Application shortcut specific to Scrivener and using that menu item name. After you set this up, hitting your chosen key command will jump the current editor to your TOC doc anytime.


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