Jump between changes

Hello! Is there a way, a button or shortcut to jump between changes when comparing snapshots? I utilize a co-author and editor and when they make changes as small as a single period or hyphen, I sometimes miss the tiny red or blue in the comparison (or red, orange, etc. if we’re using Revision Mode). MS Word has button that jump to and highlight the next change – does Scrivener have something like this to make sure I don’t overlook a change?

Thanks! And congrats on Scrivener for iOS. It’s amazing! :smiley:

When Comparing snapshots, there are left and right arrows at the top of the snapshots frame, between the button to go back to Original on the left and Roll Back on the right. Clicking them will cycle one step forward or back in the list of changes the comparison function finds.

Hope this helps.

Okay, I see them. I’ve been Option-clicking and dragging snapshots into the main window for comparison because the font’s bigger. Looks like that option isn’t available in the main window, only in the snapshot pane. But hey, I’ll take it! Thanks :slight_smile:

The arrow buttons aren’t there, but the feature still exists. If you examine the Documents/Snapshots/Show Changes/ sub-menu, you’ll find two shortcuts for jumping between changes. These work in the main window as well as in the sidebar.

Ah, perfect! Thank you so much!