jump free editing in typewriter-modus?

the typewriter modus is a fantastic feature. Just one behaviour makes me feel sad: the jumps of the line when you are re-position the cursor and change something within your text.

When you just want to edit a bit in the full-screen mode - perhaps while you are not just in a flow-mood - change a word here, add another there. The jumps of the line makes me sick. Surely, I can switch off the typewriter modus, but that would mean a little journey through the settings (a short cut would help as a start.) I even can change to the normal window view, but is it not much nicer to be “alone” with the babies … uhm … words?

I like to ask for a solution that enables both - typewriter-modus as well as jump free editing. (Coming from write-monkey I can not other then compare full-screen scrivener to wm - I apologies.)

cheers, simo

Hi Simo,

The typewriter option should be changing to be an easy menu selection that works individually for each editor and full screen mode and is specific to a given project, rather than a global option that affects everything everywhere. You may still end up toggling it on and off when working (I certainly do that all the time–like you, I enjoy the typewriter scrolling for just writing, but it’s not convenient for editing here and there) but it will be much easier to change quickly as you won’t need to go into Options, etc. to reset it each time.

Thank you MM, so far.

Maybe there is a future for both, typewriting-mode and editing peaceful together, meanwhile I will be tranquilise by your suggestion.