jump to document by shortcut?

Is there any way to assign a shortcut to a specific document in Scrivener? I have to jump back all the time to one and the same doc, after working in several others, and it takes a lot of time to pick it out of the binder. I am working in full page double page view, so no possibility to open two editors at once.
Search forums didn’t help, manual neither, maybe I missed something …
Grateful for any hints!

You could add the documents to the favourites, that way they will always appear at the top of the “Go To” menu…

That’s what I tried first, but it doesn’t really help, as there are always some clicks to do. What I would need is a shortcut by keystroke. Maybe there is a possibility with apple script or something like this? But I have no idea how it could work.

No, there’s no way to do that. All of the menus that list binder documents are built lazily when you open the menu, so keyboard shortcuts just won’t work with them anyway. In Cocoa, every time you press a key (including typing), OS X scans through all the menus and rebuilds any that can have keyboard shortcuts to test to see if the key matches. Typing would slow to a crawl if Scrivener allowed rebuilding all of these menus every time a key was pressed.

Thus, a click will always be necessary, sorry.

ok, I see …
but what I found in the meantime is the favourite panel! I didn’t see that before. it makes the procedure a lot easier - one double click is enough to come back to the desired doc. What I did before was view / goto / favourite, and that was way too cumbersome. But with the panel it’s quick enough. Thank you for putting me on the right track … and, besides, the new full screen from Lion that you implemented in 2.1 is awesome. Gets all distractions out of view. Scriv got, once more, even better.