Jump to last edit(s)

I’ve been trying to find a keyboard assignable command that would allow jumping back to the last edit point (or maybe last 10 edit points). When I need to look at my research I go trolling through the documents in my research folder find what I want, and then when I click on the document I was last editing I have to hunt and hunt for the hanging sentence (unless I’m on my first write through where it would just be the end of the document).

So a feature were I can “go to last edit” with a shortcut would be super.

Thanks for considering it. I look forward to your feedback.

  • Leeland

The document should remember the position of the insertion point, so try using Ctrl+Tab to switch focus back to the editor without clicking into the text to avoid changing the location. You could also try using the split editor to view your research, so your other document stays open the whole time.

Something else I occasionally do is just make myself a “START HERE” annotation when I leave off working, particularly if I know I’m going to be clicking around through other documents and rereading bits of this document before I really get back into it. The annotation is bright red and easy to notice at glance (so I don’t forget to remove it), and it’s easy to quickly search for and jump to when I want to pick up again.

The split view + ctrl+tab isn’t a bad walk around to this feature. I can get by on that.

I’d still like the last edit location to be kept around and accessible via a shortcut.


  • Leeland