Jumping 'find' / return to last edit

Two questions:

  1. When I COMMAND + F and ‘find’ a word, the program highlights the word and makes it ‘jump’ at me. Jump jump jump.

I find this distracting. Can I turn the jump off?

  1. Is there a ‘Go to last edit’ function anywhere?


That’s normal “Find” behaviour in all OS X apps - the same as Pages and TextEdit. There’s no way to turn it off as that’s just how Apple programmed it…

As for “Go to last edit”, no, but when you open a document the insertion point is always at the place you last edited.


Depending how you “edit,” if you’re talking about certain kinds of revisions, you might be able to use the Find by Formatting command for this. It’s not a “go to last” but it could jump you through your edits if you’re using Revision Modes or inline annotations or some kind of formatting like that to make a distinction between your original text and your edits.

As long as you are still in the same document, you can jump to the last edit by pressing Cmd-Z and then Shift-Cmd-Z. This invokes Undo and then Redo, leaving you with the same text, but scrolling you to the spot that was changed and highlighting the area that was impacted by the revision.

Each document keeps track of its own list of undos though, so it will not “escape” the current section you were in and jump off to some other part of the binder.

Hi Amber V –

Thank you so much. That’s a good workaround.

Thanks, everybody, for the information.