Jumpy cursor

I have a very strange problem with my cursor jumping back to the middle of a previous sentence while I am typing. This occurs only in Scrivener. I thought at first that it was something that I was doing while I typed, but I do not experience this problem when using word or typing emails, etc.
Does anyone have any insight into this? I am going crazy because it is very time consuming to have to go through through my text and cut it all apart and put it back together in the right order again.
Thanks for your help folks.

Think I experienced this back a while in Scrivener when I was drafting text, when I had years of crud installed, but went away when I reinstalled Windows and hasn’t resurfaced.

For less drastic possibilities…

More than one pointing device present/attached and getting jiggled/triggered without you realizing it? Mouse, touch pad, trackball…?

If touchpad, may be a sensitivity issue. Do Google search on “jumpy cursor” and “jumpy mouse pointer” for discussions of same. I’ve had touchpads on some laptops generate activity simply because I was resting my wrists on the front edge or wrist rest area of the laptop.

If wireless mouse or such… possibly some other wireless device (router) in too close proximity?

Also see Microsoft troubleshooting list

Hope that is of some assistance.