I’m new to Scrivener. I’m typing a piece in the central text area. I find that I’ll move to another place in the visible text, and the screen will automatically scroll. Then I move back and it scrolls again. There are other times it does this, that I can’t remember. I’m sure the intention is to be helpful but I find it annoying and distracting. Has anyone else had this experience?

P.S. I hope L&L staff regularly read the forums. Since there’s no contact link on the website, they are discouraging users from submitting feature requests or bugs. That seems shortsighted to me. If I hadn’t wanted to register, my comments would be lost. I guess that only matters if you think they might be valuable.

Ordinarily, Keith is extremely responsive on the forums. At the moment he is currently on vacation, though.

As to your problem, try this: Go to Preferences, and in the Text Editing tab there is a section called Editor Options toward the bottom. See if there is a checkmark next to “Typewriter scrolling.” If there is, turn it off. If you do not like the feature at all, you should probably check the Full Screen tab too, and disable it there as well.

Thanks Av. I’m reassured both by your statement about Keith and also about how quick I’ve had my problem resolved. I wondered what that option did. Even after reading the help I couldn’t get it. Now I know. People actually LIKE that?

Anyway, thanks so much for jumping on this for me.


I have the typewriter scrolling turned on in full-screen mode, where I do my writing, and off in normal screen, which is where I do my editing. And yes, I love the typewriter scrolling when I’m on a roll with my writing! :smiley:

Well, that’s embarassing. I thought that was the way it had to be. :blush:

Thanks to Bobbo for asking the question and thanks to Amber for “fixing” the only annoyance I have with Scrivener.

Glad that fixed the problem. I actually like it set up the way Dagaz described. I treat full screen and standard very strictly in terms of writing and editing. I would never dream of editing with typewriter mode on; but for writing it is nice.

I’ll have to try it that way, Av.

[Brief use of internet whilst holidaying in Norway (yes, even on holiday I can’t stay away, ugh):]

Thanks to AmberV for clearing this up. As for this comment:

Please note that you are quite mistaken. See the About page which is linked to from all the pages of the main website:


There you will find not one, but three e-mail contacts. I get dozens of e-mails every day and do my utmost to reply to all of them (even though the “L&L staff” consists of me, myself and I). E-mail contact information is also provided in the readme.rtf file contained on the Scrivener DMG file. I also read every post on this forum and reply to the vast majority of them. So I most certainly do think user comments are very valuable.

Right, back off to the ski slopes. Maybe this time I’ll get more than a metre without falling on my ass.


BTW, I think Typewriter Mode could stand revisiting. It is a bit jumpy.

I’d like to see a tolerance built in, so if you click and type away from the bottom of the document, you need to type a certain number of words or characters to trigger Typewriter scrolling.

That way, if you’re proofing, or changing one word a few pages back, Scrivener doesn’t make the text hop around each time you edit a word. If you’re adding a new paragraph, though, it will keep it centered as it should.

On a related note, is there an easy way to have Scrivener make those adjustments gradually, so they aren’t so jarring? It’d be more pleasing if it eased the typing line into the center.

Thanks for reading. :smiley:

I LOVE typwriter mode. I can handle the screen jumping around. What I can’t handle is the cursor constantly at the bottom of the screen while I’m writing.

re-read my note.

I’m suggesting Typewriter mode goodness, just WITHOUT the jumpity-jump when you edit a word or two elsewhere in the document.


Ya - I wasn’t saying I disagreed with you. Just putting in my little plug for the marvels of Typewriter Mode. Sorry if you mistook me.

Have you read my post above? This works really well for me, and AmberV as well from the sounds of it.

Yes, I did.
While I’m happy it works for you both, I write in the main text view because I’m constantly zipping around the Binder.
So your solution, clever as it is, doesn’t help me.


No changes to typewriter mode. Sorry.