June 20th Seems... Oddly Specific to End Beta 17

Noticed that this beta ends on June 20th, which seems rather specific and has gotten my hopes up. I don’t expect a confirmation, but since the blog a while back said they hoped for a Q2 release, and the 20th is neither the start, end, or middle of a month, and falls neither at the start, end, or middle of a week, I’m hoping that means L&L have a target release date that they just aren’t telling us.

Of course, if L&L want to break tradition and confirm/deny my theory, by all means feel free to do so :laughing:

I hate to burst bubbles, but in the past eval editions tended to be extended by a month, and June 15th is on a Saturday. Nobody really wants to work on a Saturday to either get the new eval edition out or to start collecting bug reports for the new edition.

There may also be vacations, planned absences, or other such events in the mix we are simply not aware of.

In other words, have fun theorizing, but not too much fun.

Yes, but should I worry there will there be a beta 18? I mean, really, as a previous poster mentioned, June 20 is oddly specific. What if there are no more betas? What if they come to a grinding halt and then beta 19 is released, usurping the vaulted position of beta 18? Is it too soon to panic, or is it never too soon to panic? What if beta 18 is released on June 18? Is that a meaningful date? Should I worry it isn’t a meaningful date?

There will always be a new beta soon enough the previous expires, or a new official release, Nothing to worry about.


There’s an old saying in software development that, “you can have it fast, good, or cheap. Pick two, because you can’t have all three!” My advice is to relax and enjoy the ride.

June 20 is the day before Midsummer’s Eve, so it’s a very natural divider. :slight_smile:

I noted the the Beta Extensions have tended to be 2+ months in past I think.
So, one could hope for them its time to start collecting some money for this work.

I really think they should think of Scrivner as a service and charge for it and release fixes as they make them like the big companies do :wink:

It amazing what counts for customer ready software in the age of the cloud sometimes.

My Scrivner Beta is better than some software being paid for “as a service.”

It also gives them a really looooong “day” with plenty of sunshine to launch a new beta. :smiley: (Sorry I forgot the :unamused: in my last post.)

I remember 2 of the updates were immediately updated due to issues and had their expiration dates changed as well with an extra month. A good one, if I remember correctly (which may be faulty due to my own brains expiration) was our going from 15 to 16.