Junk Food Capital of the Cosmos: Portland!

theguardian.com/travel/2014/ … and-oregon

I can feel the calories crawling up my fingers, since starting this post!! UUrrrgghh!!! AAhhrrrggg!!! Yuuuckkky-yukk!!

But… there’s no gluten in it!

I quite liked the look of some of them. But “The Cheesus” sounds like a fate worse than death…

I think ordering the Cheesus is a bit like smoking: there are of course less pleasant ways to end it all.

As a vegetarian I couldn’t tell you if it is worth the coronary bypass, though.

I’m afraid to look at the article out of shear fear of further awe of the left coast.

But from the name… yeah… probably worth it. I can see the one liners already forming in vic-k’s mind…

Ok, so that was all me. I still laughing over here…

I don’t allow profanity in my threads… so bugger off!!. The soddin’ moderators’ll be crawling all over it!! Jeeezz!!!