Just a few more things . . . .

I didn’t see this thread last night for some reason. Here are a few more tweaks I think would work for Scrivener. I keep in mind though, it may be operator error and not necessarily a needed change in Scrivener.

  1. I’d like to be able to change font more easily in the case of table cells. When I’ve filled in a table part way and highlighted an area I wish to make a change say in font or font size or bold/italic/underscore the change doesn’t occur in all the highlighted cells. I have to make changes manually many times.
  2. Sometimes when making a word change to a mispelled word as recognized in scrivener, if I make a mistake in the change and create another mispelled word scrivener doesn’t always recognized the second erroneous word by using the red, jagged underscore.
  3. In creating a table using scrivener, if I highlight the table then choose the formating for font, font size, bold, underscore, etc, I find many times when i enter text into the table the text takes on the table’s formatting default and not my selected formatting.
  4. When copying and pasting text from one area to another there’s no option to select destination or origin formatting.

These are minor things and not crucial overall, but they may make for a smoother functioning in the program. :smiley: Thank you for taking a look-see.

3 and 1 are on the list for investigation; 4 exists already: Edit > Paste and Match Style.

Thanks. I’d not seen that option before as I use control + C to copy then control + V to paste. I rely heavily on some of the common quick keys. So, everytime I go to paste something i need select edit then paste and match style. Hmmm. Cumbersome but not necessarily impossible to do. I try to limit the time i spend leaving the keyboard to use the mouse as much as possible. Items 3 and 1 didn’t come up in a search prior to my original post but perhaps I didn’t use the correct search criteria.

“Paste and Match Style” is Ctrl+Shift+V on the Windows version. It may already have a shortcut assigned to it on the Mac as well.

Yup, Shift-Opt-Cmd-V. In Windows, if you prefer plain-text pasting, you can switch the Ctrl-V/Shift-Ctrl-V assignment around in the Keyboard tab within the Options window.

thank you. actually i use the windows shortcuts. the shift isn’t needed. i’m not willing to memorize another set of quick keys for one application when the windows ones works in other applications for me. so i guess this is probably best left as is.