Just a few words...

… of respect and appreciation for big 2-0. I’m afraid I’m still more of a Ulysses man myself (am I still allowed to hang around here now and then?) – but after buying the upgrade my wife has started using Scrivener heavily and appears to be very happy (though part of that may be caused by her new MacBook Air… :wink:).

Anyway – got two friends hooked on Scrivener as well, so even if I do not use the software much myself, I still can do some evangelism. It’s that good.

Thanks for the kind words! And yes, you’re certainly more than welcome around here even if you prefer Ulysses - Ulysses is a superb application with some great developers and we take quite different approaches to the interface and text editing aspects, so it’s only right that some users will prefer one while others will prefer the other. I don’t have a problem with some people preferring great software like Ulysses. :slight_smile:

All the best,

Now, if you preferred cruddy software, we might get tetchy. :wink:

Even the Ulysses guys have accounts here and poke their heads in every once in a while. :slight_smile: You are more than welcome to join in on any discussions. It’s great software, and will always have a place of honour in my mind as one of the first Mac writing programs to truly step and out and stake out the perimeter of a new genre.

Well, that’s kind of… warm. :slight_smile:

Cheers – I’ll be around.