Just a little bit of rubbing for your ego.

I just wanted to drop a few brief lines. Yesterday, I finished writing the first draft of a novel, the first of which that I have started and completed within Scrivener. The entire process ran seemlessly. With this and Pages for formatting, my writing software is nearly complete. All we need now is an updated version of Dramatica, or software similar to it that works in a Cocoa way. I spoke with them and they are planning a new release for 2008. Now if I can just break through the doors of an editor or agent out there, I’m well on my way.

Either way, this is my fourth novel completed, the first done entirely in your program. This is amazing, as are your efforts to improve the resources for fellow writers. When this is released, I will pay, even if you don’t charge. Thank you VERY much for your work. Thank you.

Brian Jeppesen

Well, except for spell checking, it seams.

Sorry…couldn’t resist!

Sew It Seams!


And congratulations, Brian, for finishing your first draft in Scrivener. It is fun to see this program getting serious use before it is even out of beta. :slight_smile:

Thank you Brian - and well done for completing your novel (in Scrivener).
All the best,