Just a quick appreciation

I’ve got a significant number of texts in Scrivener for Windows now; all contain facets to be drawn together, probably in several kinds of completed writing.

I was just using the searches, and felt how well they work together already, how ‘alive’ the Scrivener writing area feels.

So glad you guys decided to make this possible for more of us.

Thank you.


During nanowrimo I had some serious moments of confusion like when I moussed my face instead of my hair or put Benefiber in my coffee instead of non dairy creamer. My novel, however, was never in a state of confusion thanks to Scrivener Beta. It was easy to move between chapters and research was just a mouse click away. I was able to finish because Scrivener made it easy to stay on track. Scrivener is brilliant! Thank you so much for all of your hard work. I am absolutely sold on Scrivener.

Thank You


Thanks for sharing these stories!

Thank you very much Clive and Betty for the feedback.