Just a rave

I’ve been trying to join this forum for … um, nearly three years, I think. I first started playing with Scrivener during my last days on Windows, and when I switched to OS X it was one of my first purchases (Seriously, I had a list of ‘Software To Buy’ and Scrivener was #1). I then tried to join the forum but kept falling foul of Evil Captcha and thus gave up but at long last I’ve succeeded in getting through!

Since discovering Scrivener (and Scapple, which I also use and love for plot brainstorming) I’ve produced one historical novel, several short stories, a couple of articles, a museum report, exhibition texts, and what will be a three part fanfic epic. Oh, and the beginnings of a wiki-style project. I continue to mourn the fact that I did not know about Scrivener’s existence during my PhD; as a historian, it would have made my life So Much Easier. Lesson learnt, though… I will never use MS Word again unless I am forced to and the other end absolutely cannot be prevailed upon to accept Scrivener’s exported .doc or .pdf. Next to Scrivener, Word is beyond dire. Scrivening view in particular is absolutely revolutionary for me, I’ve started to wish that such a thing could be implemented by all text editing apps!

My favourite thing at the moment is my recent discovery of just how amazing Sync To External plus Collections actually is. It allows me to sync all the scenes in a chapter to dropbox which I can then edit/review on the go on my iPad (my app of choice for this is currently Notebooks 7) and they’re then painlessly synced backed into Scrivener with minimal interaction from me—and no disruption to the formatting of the document in Scrivener either. I love it. Granted, it’s made more painless by the fact that I’ve got a sync gesture set up through BTT, but it’s still… amazing. I’m going on holiday in May and this time I’m not planning to bring my laptop. The power of collections + dropbox + sync will allow me to be as productive away as I am at home if I should so desire!

So basically… thank you. My most favourite software, ever.

Thank you very much for the kind words! And welcome to the forum - I’m sorry to hear it took you so long to get past the captcha (a necessary evil after the forum was flooded with porn spam a few years ago, sadly). I’m glad that Scrivener is working so well for you - congratulations on the novel and stories you’ve produced. We have exciting things planned for Scrivener over the next year, and later this year there will be an iPad app, as well (although I’m not sure it will be in time for your holiday, unfortunately).

Thanks again and all the best,