Just a wish: Checkmarks

Suppose some fairy appeared in my dream and asked me, “what single feature are you missing the most in Scrivener?”, I would not have to think long - it’s this one:

I just happen to love checkmarks. It gives me a feeling of progress every time I check something off (for example: a written scene), and even more, if I look on a long list of checked-off items. It propels me forward to completion like nothing else. I miss the possibility to do so in Scrivener – hence my wish.

I have no idea how complicated this would be to implement, and I won’t make any assumptions. :wink: I am, of course, aware that there is a status field - I use it a lot. But then again, you can’t see in the binder how many OKs there are, and that would be the whole point of it.

I could live with any simple interface. For example, if there was a rule that I had to write a pre-given text into one line of the status options (“OK” or “Done” or the like), and once I select this option in the inspector, the checkmark would appear. Any interface more sophisticated would be welcome, but I’d accept everything, if only I’d get my checkmarks.

In fact, I have started to misuse the snapshot function for this. :blush: In one project, I don’t use snapshots as intended, but just to get earmarks on the finished scenes. Not only this is a big waste of hard drive space, it’s as well not as beautiful as real checkmarks would be. :frowning:

So, this is my wish. In case someone’s interested.

You can achieve something comparable by (ab)using the labels in the inspector. Choose green for finished files, enable “Tint icons with label color” and you have markings in your binder. Of course, you would need to use the labels as status information for your whole project, which might collide with your way of handling labels.

I’ve tried it myself, but prefer to use the colors as POV indicators. When I want to have a quick look into the status of the files I turn to the corkboard. But I’m no checkmark maniac. :wink:

Colors are no alternative, because I use them to code the POV. Plus, there is no color that tells me “finished”. That’s what checkmarks have been invented for… :smiley:

Hi Andreas,

No plans for this, sorry. You can assign custom icons in 2.0, though, so you could always create your own checkmark icon and assign it to documents that are “done” (you would just go to Documents > Change Icon and select a checkmark icon from the submenu therein).

All the best,

That’s a word! :smiley:

Thank you!

“assign custom icons in 2.0…”

That is exactly what I wanted. I was hoping for some way to indicate the status of Binder items, but I’ve used the label colours to organize them already.

I’ll just search for all the “first draft” files and change their icons to some useful thing. That is so perfect. Thank you, glad I found this!

BTW, meanwhile checkmarks are possible. I described here how and provide the necessary icon files.