Just be able to include link to scapple project

I get it that you can’t integrate the two programs but is there a way to just add a link to a scapple project in a scrivener project?

Of course, you can copy Scapple files right into the Research folder of your project if you want to create a Scapple documentthat lives inside your project, but if you want to keep your active Scapple document outside of the Scrivener project, you can instead make an alias link in the Binder that points to that Scapple doc.

See section 9.2 “Linking to Research Material” of the manual, which says in part: “The menu command, File ▸ Import ▸ Research Files as Aliases…, can be used to establish a link between the original files on your disk and your project.”

I think more of what I was looking for was to add the scapple document link to a folder…like how I have a link to a spreadsheet in the research folder but in a chapter folder.

Since you haven’t mentioned O/S, I’ll assume Windows.

Have you tried Add Link? With the cursor in the editor: Edit > Add Link. Select File. Browse to and select your Scapple file. There will only be one version of your Scapple file somewhere on your hard drive, and Scrivener will be pointing to it.

Or, with the Research folder selected (or any folder that’s not inside the Draft/Manuscript folder), do File > Import > Files. Browse to and select your Scapple file. This will actually import the Scapple file into your Scrivener project, so you’ll have two copies of the Scapple file. One somewhere on your drive, and the other inside the Scrivener project. Note that this won’t work with Scapple in your Draft/Manuscript folder, because a Scapple file is not a supported file type for the Draft/Manuscript folder, which is meant to hold text. See the manual section 9.1 File Import for details.

Do either of these give you what you want?


You can link to anything. Anything.

Maybe if I explained what I’m trying to do better…while my novel is in the works…right now I’m trying to organize my copywriting…I’ve got one scrivener project but I’m putting each client as a different folder within the main project…I was hoping to keep a scapple project with each folder/client.

Sure, that will work. Did you try my suggestions?


Import it to Research and then (if needed) you can link to it from the text.

Or, in Scrivener for Windows:

The menu command, File ▸ Import ▸Research Files as Shortcuts…, can be used to establish a link between the original files on your disk and your project.

I’m starting to realize that the problem is my structure…I had my individual projects/folders inside the Manuscript folder…moved them out and all seems to work as expected…awesome program but with my mouth full of humble pie may I make one more feature request…can I get the “'ding” back when I check for updates?

Ah yes, the Draft/Manuscript folder will not house foreign objects like the Research folder can. The D/M folder is specifically for compilable text (but can house embedded images).

Glad you made it go.


Manuscript files are RTFs (rich text format), so they can contain images and links, but not a lot else.

Sort of peripheral to the main question, but Scrivener doesn’t care how many projects you make. If it were me, I’d have a separate project for each client. Easier to focus on whichever client is “active” at the time, and reduces the risk of embarrassing mixups.

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