Just bought, hard crash when licensing?

Hi all!
I hope this is the right place to post this. Just bought Scrivener after having to take a break from my writing due to health reasons, so I’m pretty excited to get going.

Was really hoping to hop right into it, as I had preexisting work in the program I had imported and was working on during the trial, but now I’ve registered Scrivener with my given code, I can no longer access any part of the program. The eSellerate network manager tells me it cannot connect, then locks up the entire program even after a long wait. It’s definitely not loading. If I click anything, it’s a crash to desktop. I can’t even get to the About menu to give the version number (it’s probably a few months old at this point) to try and give a better bug report…

The eSellerate error following the “Scrivener will continue to work if eSellerate can’t connect” dialogue (ironic) is a failed network request - Error 0x80072EFD - and I have allowed the program manually through my AV and Windows Firewall. I am running as administrator. I considered attempting to reinstall over the top, but was worried this would unlicense me and render my token invalid and it would be a pain to get another one.

Edit/Update: After realising I could take a backup of my Scrivener folder (duh) I have now reinstalled the newest available version on top. Getting same issue. Oh well.

Retry freezes it, cancel freezes and crashes. This dialogue is running my life. If any additional info is needed please let me know. Just please tell me I can just use the software I paid for :cry:

Ok, great. Somewhat counterintuitive but while trying to reset my firewall rules and redo them in case I’d missed something (it happens) I got distracted while doing so and blocked the program rather than allowing.

This seems to have made Scrivener a happy little program that thinks it’s on an offline computer and I could continue with a manual registration. So the freeze only happens and is repeatable when actually connecting to eSellerate. Not ideal but sure. I guess Scrivener has some issues talking to the eSellerate servers. Probably not your support’s biggest priority with the upgrade coming up so I will leave this here for posterity.