just bought scrivener!!

I am not sure if this is the right place to post this.
My free trial expires in 9 days and I just bought Scrivener…I feel good…:slight_smile:
(Now I just need to make sure I COMPLETE my Novel…:slight_smile:)

Welcome to the “club”!

click on booklike icon between Highlight and Outliner , above main editor pane, Thats the "[i]Print Worldwide No1 Best Selling Novel" [/i] icon! Scrivll do the rest :smiley:

Welcome aboard Scrivener Levanya :wink:

If you haven’t figured it out yet, vic-k is a bit of a wise guy. Kind of like the neighborhood stray. Pet him every now and then if you want, but don’t feed him or he might not go away. He is harmless, just a tad annoying at times.

One thing you should know about the scrivener forums is that time spent here is “lost” forever. The most bizarre part is that you know you only spent X minutes reading vic-k’s ramblings but when you look at the clock Xx2 minutes are gone. This place is a black hole for time.


The folks here will do everything they can to help you with technical, philosophical, and apparently remodeling questions. Feel free to ask questions and/or pose ideas. Someone will eventually chime in. Just keep in mind that “controversial” topics may require asbestos undergarments.

Welcome to scriv. Looking forward to getting to know you. Now get off the net and go write.

Thank you for the welcome (wait…that sounds weird…)