Just curious — when to expect Scrivener 1.1

I’ve avoided getting into the beta testing because I don’t want to mess up projects I’m working on.

But I’m anxious to try the new version and it seems that the beta testing is dragging on. It feels as though we’ve hit a bit of a lull in the cycle. Any word on when 1.1 will drop?

A lull!!!??? Not for me, it isn’t! :slight_smile:

At any rates, I can’t say for sure. There will be a 1.09 beta shortly - hopefully this week, but maybe next. That will be the last beta. I will address any bugs that arise in that and then move it to 1.1 status. So… Hopefully some time in October. Before Leopard, no matter what.


Sorry, didn’t mean to imply you weren’t working hard, Keith.

I’m looking forward to the update.


I can say that the lastest beta is rock solid for me, and I’m running it five-hours a day minimum.

I can confirm my Beta is rock solid and idiot proof (Moi) although I do miss the first person shooter game Easter egg in the previous version.