Just curious...

So, as far as I’m still living and at least within shouting distance of current development I assume that Scrivener for Windows is using the QT-Toolkit.

If so, well… what’s up next? Scrivener for Linux? After this terrific piece of work - porting most of the UI from Mac to QT (still assuming that I am indeed not crazy) - there are no boundaries any more…

Whatever it will be - keep it up! I’m eager to get it into my fingers - err, computer - even if I have to install windows onto it. How to retain the feel of a Mac UI on a Windows machine is one of the more arcane aspects of modern software wizardry…

Hi zikade,

Yes, it was indeed built using the Qt toolkit. Lee has good connections and was able to get a very experienced Qt engineer working with him for part of the project, and between them they have added an awful lot of functionality on top of the existing Qt tools, so I think taking it to other platforms would still be a lot of work… But yes, the potential is certainly there, and we’re remaining open-minded about future platforms. A lot really depends on the Windows version. Obviously it’s still the biggest platform, so if it takes off then we may be in a better position to look at other platforms in the future. But we have our hands (over-)full with the Windows and Mac versions for now!

Thanks for your ongoing support!

All the best,

Nice to know. Thanks Kevi…well, now: Keith. Sorry. My feeble attempt at being funny.

So if Lee is in a happy mood, he might as well port Scrivener for Windows to Mac OS as well.
And, since Scriv/Win will be the #1 top selling app for Windows in 2011, it will also become the default on Mac OS and Linux. Scriv/Mac (you know, the Cocoa-thing) will need another niche, and it will be…Android? iOS? My electric toothbrush?

Oh, well, writing directly after jumping out of bed is doing wonders for my lingering paranoia. I shouldn’t do that anymore. But, then, THEY are here, watching, y’know.

Did you read the last paragraph of the blog post. :slight_smile:

So this mean it could actually and finally be ported to the Commodore 64?

I’m so excited …

Not quite, but nearly:

That Commodore 64 screen is so cute… did we really live like that back in the Old Days?


I’ll just pull out my old steammachine, fire that up to run the generator to drive the Commodore 64 … :laughing:

Damn! Does this mean I should have saved the old Kaypro?


I will only buy SCR for Commodore 64 if it allows me to play Lode Runner in the notes pane. :slight_smile:

Wock, that made my day! :smiley: