Just curious...

Forgive me if this is proprietary information – I can certainly understand if you are unwilling to divulge it-- but I was just wondering how many downloads there have been of Scrivener 2.0 (and the various WIndows betas, for that matter) since the release? I’m sure we’re talking runaway success are we not – at least enough to have made the last two years worthwhile, I hope. Cheers.

It could be just 1. You.

Had you discounted the possibility that all the rest of us are forged identities, all figments of Kevin’s overactive imagination? I mean, I know he claims he’s called Keith but I’m not so sure. My opinon should be taken with a large grain of salt as I might not exist!

Conspiracies within conspiracies… you can’t trust anyone these days :open_mouth:

“I think I am, therefore I probably might be”

I can see the press release:

[i]In an announcement that has stunned the literary industry, Kevin Blount admitted that Scrivener is an elaborate April Fools prank kept alive for several years. Speaking at a press conference he revealed the following:

"I had just finished reading 'Bored of the Rings', a hilarious National Lampoon parody of the great Tolkien 'Lord of the Rings' trilogy. As a lark, I decided to do a parody of some novel-writing software. I looked at the available offerings and designed the new system to be deceptively simple and powerful as possible to maximize casual users' delight. I stopped when I'd implemented a convincing simulation of what it would have done if it had been a real project..."[/i]


(Modified and redacted from the great UNIX Hoax post on Usenet: gnu.org/fun/jokes/unix-hoax.html :slight_smile: )

That’s a classic!

Eddy, you mean my download wasn’t real??? Great, now I have to imagine myself doing something else? And I can’t turn back the clock to regain some time. No wonder I am getting older.

Great read, btw. :smiley:

Well, if I’m the only one, all I can say is that the rest of you don’t know what you’re missing! And that Kevin shouldn’t spend my upgrade payment all in one place.

Are you aware you are using Kevin and Keith interchangeably, or is this just part of your imaginary (or maybe not imaginary :astonished:) world, here?

Eddy has adopted the vic-k method of endearing himself to Master Blount.

Have you noticed how on other software forums, the developers get treated with respect, nay, even a touch of reverence? Sigh :slight_smile:

I am pretty sure that experience of other forums would require us to be something other than figments of your derangement.


P.S. Have you tried the Ubik? I understand it is very good here.

I’ve been using New Improved Ubik. For everything.

Yeah. We like to make sure your head doesn’t get too big.

On a slightly more serious note, I think there are some obvious reasons for this that you will appreciate.

  1. You are “one of us”. Not a programer by trade initially you developed what you, and hence we, needed. You were open about this and took the approach of “give me a break, I am one of you”.

  2. Your educational background, focused on a younger generation, tends you to a more permissive attitude. Kids learn by free exploration within bounds. I bet you like being unfettered to explore things, such as cocoa development, and in a righteous manner allow others that same freedom as part of your personality. The old “golden rule” thing.

  3. You actually prefer to be seen as “normal”. In all your dealing with others you never really come back to “I am the developer. I am the GOD! BWAHAHAHA!” [size=60]At least not very often.[/size] It is a form of loose friendship that most of us find very appealing. Our own little village of like minded crazies who “get it”.

So while we al bow at the throne of the Majesty Blount, we do it posterior first and with lowered trousers. At least vic-k does.

!!! :open_mouth:

You seemed to want to know…

I think His Majesty may have fainted. :confused:

… These forums make the world a slightly happier and better place.